Lender’s EngineerWe understand the nuances in finance

“ACE” is the perfect partner for project developers seeking investors, for Industrial or commercial establishments looking for renewable energy supplies (or) for an investor looking for high-quality assets.

Driven by qualified and experienced consultants, we assist you in maximising the returns from your renewable energy investments. As the Lender’s Engineers (LE), we assure  lenders and instil confidence in their investment decisions by taking utmost care in ensuring feasibility and technical due diligence of the project through countless reviews and cross-checks being carried out diligently in the background before we present you the precise financing processes.

  • Due diligence – Financial Closure 
  • Financial Structuring Construction Monitoring
  • Due diligence – Technical Closure
  • Pre-Disbursement Inspection
  • Post Commissioning Inspection and Reporting