Lifecycle Management

Operations & MaintenanceWe secure the mileage of your project

Constructing and Commissioning a well-designed plant is a job half-done. A well designed and installed PV grid-connected system should have fault free operation for many years. Timely Yields and profits to investors’ expectations, can be realized only through the healthy functioning of the plant. We take care of the health of plant through skillful Operations and Maintenance solutions to ensure top-notch performance and maximum production throughout its entire lifetime.

Be it single or multiple sites, we offer tailor-made solutions from 100 kWp rooftop systems to large utility scale systems. Our well trained and dedicated O&M engineers monitor solar power plants through numerous evaluations as per international standards. We continue monitoring the plant from our side to make sure that when production goes below, our techie is on his way to inspection. We command an all-seeing eye over the project to detect and our techie will inspect and improve even the slightest slag in the performance of solar modules.

Maintenance and Inspection
Remote Monitoring and Control
Ensuring operative availability 24/7 and the PR
Corrective maintenance
Monitoring and reporting
Spares Management
On-Site Security

Asset ManagementACE RENEWTECH - We augment your assets.

Subcontracting solar power plant management to Third-Party Consultants (TPM) results in smarter operations that can reduce costs, optimize energy production and trim downtimes to the least. We are offering “Asset Management Services” in coordination with our renowned partners in the Industry. We take charge of the entire management of the plant which includes managing technical and administrative processes, verifying contractual obligations and managing supplier and customer relationships, warranty follow-ups and all other relevant activities of the project. Keeping owners fully informed, we are always focused on maximizing your investment returns.

  • Technical Management and Reporting
  • Financial/Commercial management and Reporting
  • Grid Management
  • Buyer and Seller Collaboration
  • Plant Health Check & Reporting