Design Engineering & ReviewThe journey to the destiny begins with design.

“Ace” – We are professional consultants with an experience of over 100+ MW Solar PV System design engineering. We offer design engineering services incorporating Pre-Engineering Plan sets for transforming into the Conceptual Plan sets to ensure that technical approach will meet the necessary requirement such as metering and issues concerning and Integration are covered by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) Standards.

  • Pre-Engineering Plan sets
  • Detailed Engineering Plan sets
  • As-built Plan sets
  • Review and Documentation

Based on the Standards, Key technical considerations and Specifications, the detailed engineering plan sets are executed to ensure that the “Design Engineering Implementation” has met all the prerequisites for initiating Construction.

Civil work Assessment

Electrical work Assessment

Overall Project Layout

Structural work Assessment

Production Yield Assessment

Design – Off-grid/Grid Connected/Hybrid

BOQ Optimization

We take up the role of owner’s engineering independent of contractor and manufacturers, representing solar PV Projects for first timers and seasoned project developers in the scale of both kW and MW/Rooftop and Utility.


Assure to protect the owner’s interest by confirming that the technical, procurement specification and construction are adhering sufficiently to the standards and regulations. The constant review will be made at every phase of the project.

Project ManagementWe plan, manage and organise with aplomb

As the Project Management Consultants (PMC), we are the working to help the Clients succeed by streamlining the projects to meet timely finishing, quality and health & safety procedures.

By taking over the reins of the entire project, we establish a seamless communication pathway between the Owners and Contractors. We ensure success through continuous monitoring and diligent review of each and every advancement of the project. Overall project progress and submitting periodical reports. We negate and actively eliminate all possible risks by implementing well-researched mitigation measures to guarantee smooth progress. We apprise the client of each and every project advancement through all-inclusive periodical reports. We assure progress to Owners and Contractors through a focused implementation plan which comprises various background processes in parallel such as

  • Project Planning & Permitting
  • Legal Analysis
  • Grid Connection
  • Construction Supervision
  • Plant Testing and Commissioning
  • Hand over the documents